Kosti Kuronen

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Kuronen graduated as an architect from the Helsinki University of Technology in 1965 and has his own Architect's Office. Kuronen's best-known design work is the Helsinki Kaivopiha , completed in 1981, and the related commercial buildings Citytalo and Hansatalo, which had Finland's first double-glazed facades. [3] Other buildings designed by Kuronen include the former STS Bank's commercial building on Paasivuorenkatu in Siltasaari (1981) in Helsinki and Tali Bowling Alley (1974), elsewhere in Finland, including the Lahti Great Hall (1981), STS's former commercial building on Tampereen Itsenäisyydenkatu (1976), former or current municipal buildings in Puolanga (1966), Vilppula (1968) , Pudasjärvi (1974), Jurva (1983) and In Vihti (1987) and Kerava Market Hall (1985) .

In the 1970s, Kuronen won a design competition for an observation tower planned for Helsinki's Linnanmäki amusement park , which was not built, however. 

Having started his golf hobby in the 1970s, Kuronen specializes in golf course design. He has designed more than 50 golf courses in Finland, more than anyone else. In addition, he has designed a couple of Finnish-favorite golf courses for Estonia and the Spanish Sunshine Coast.

Kuronen is the stepfather of Sara La Fountain, known as a television chef.

Source: https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/kosti_kuronen

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