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lovö kyrkallé 1, 178 93 drottningholm sweden

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The idea of a golf course idea in Drottningholm dates back a long way, more precisely to the 1930s. However, these thoughts were dismissed by HRH Gustaf V with the words "such an old man''s sport"! Two decades later, it blossomed again. In 1956, architect Anders Tengbom and the zealots Herbert Kastengren and Einar Bristedt made a new attempt to form a new club in Stockholm and now the snowball began to roll.

Legendary course architect Rafael Sundblom, father of a total of 16 courses in Sweden, had for several years sketched on a course in Drottningholm. Now he went back to work with a new glow in the pen and with the inclined support of his friend and ballpark, Axel Wennerberg, former chairman of Stockholm Golf Club.

There were many sketches before the picture finally cleared up when lots of proposals fell on various monkeys, not least reluctant tenants. There were even plans for some holes to go inside Drottningholmsparken. Unfortunately, Sundblom never got to see his, it would turn out, last course realized. When he died in 1958, the work was taken over by Sundblom''s disciple, Nils Sköld.

With its superb location in a castle environment just under 20 km outside Stockholm''s center, the course has always had a good reputation, but what has brought the name around the world are the competitions. The club may have an unbeatable record in arranging major international competitions, 7 SEO and Scandinavian Masters.

Drottningholm is a facility to thrive on today and as far as we can look ahead.

Source: https://www.kdrgk.se/



Kungliga Drottningholm GK
Lovö Kyrkallé 1, 178 93 Drottningholm


+46 8 759 00 85






Architect: Rafael Sundblom
Founded: 1930

Public: Yes



Holes: 18
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