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6660 kaimonkawashiri, ibusuki, kagoshima 891-0602 japan

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Holes: 18
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Ibusuki Golf Club
6660 Kaimonkawashiri, Ibusuki, Kagoshima 891-0602


+81 993-32-3141


Public: Yes

Satsuma Fuji Kaimon Mondake is located at the southernmost tip of the Satsuma Peninsula. The unspoiled nature of the mountain range is a beautiful golf course with a landscape.

The course design was completed by asking Seiichi Inoue, who was said to be the first generation, of a course with a strong awareness of professional tournaments. The "Haimonori" blowing down from Kaimon and the "sea breeze blowing up from the sea" intersect, increasing the difficulty of the course as well as the hazard.

The 18 holes are a mix of difficulty combinations and are strategic, with an average of 800m2 of unvented one-green, with an undulation, enjoyable in the best conditions regardless of the southernmost climate.


Source: https://ibusuki.iwasakihotels.com/golf/

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