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365 izumicho, wakaba ward, chiba, ¿¿¿ chiba 265-0052 japan

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Jack Nicklaus, a leading golf course designer who is unique in the world, chose the Tokyo Classic Golf Course as the culmination of his great career in Japan. Do not damage the nature as much as possible, which is one of Niclas'' golf course design philosophy. It was the best terrain condition to achieve that. Jack Nicklaus says, "I strongly believe that people can do their best only for what they truly enjoy. It''s hard to do something that isn''t fun at all." The Tokyo Classic Golf Course was exactly the place where he could do his best while having fun.

It has been 25 years since the opening of the Hokkaido Classic Golf Club. Jack Nicklaus himself took the lead in developing the Tokyo Classic Golf Course, which will be the last in Japan, and has been involved in the field manager for many years as Jack''s right arm.

Appointed MARTIN C. COCHRAN (Senior Design Associate). He is also active in the design and refurbishment of Valhalla GC and Muirfield Village GC, and is also the site manager of the Hokkaido Classic Golf Club. In addition, JOSEPH MICHAEL MILLER, a course development (shaper) staff member of the Jack Nicklaus office, has a track record of repairing the Augusta National green.

Since there is no course planned from the beginning as a total length of 7220Y and IP280Y in Japan, it is a champion course that flew to a strategic strategy that advanced players can deeply understand, and at the same time, challenge according to a wide range of levels from top professionals to amateurs. We have realized a course where you can fully enjoy the real thrill of being. In addition, with an environmentally friendly design in mind, the utopia for golfers was born.




Tokyo Classic Club
365 Izumicho, Wakaba Ward, Chiba, 千葉市 Chiba 265-0052


+81 43-309-6661




Architect: Jack Nicklaus

Public: Yes



Holes: 18 │ Length: 7204Y
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