Takanodai Country Club jp

1501 yokodocho, hanamigawa ward, chiba, 262-0001 japan

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Established in 1945 as "Takanodai Golf Club" by the Yamato Sports Association. Opened in June 1945 and closed in March 1945 due to intensifying war conditions. November 1952 Construction started for resumption under the design of Seiichi Inoue. Opened in May 1954 to the present.

With the 2000 Japan Open, our club has newly installed watering nozzles around the fairway and the green. On the surface of the lids of the stoppers lined up about every 30 yards on the fairway, the remaining distance to the center point of the bent green on the top and the center point of the korai green is displayed on the bottom. Only the distances from these watering nozzles are listed, not the remaining distances from the bunker and trees that were traditionally used as a guide.

The slope of each green is expressed in color. Contour lines are drawn on the green schematic diagram, the low part is displayed in light green, and the green becomes darker as it gets higher. This allows you to get a more accurate picture of the undulations that you have somehow known.

Source: http://www.takanodaicc.or.jp/



Takanodai Country Club
1501 Yokodocho, Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba, 262-0001


+81 47-484-3151




Founded: 1945

Public: Yes



Holes: 18
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