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av. de jerez, s/n, 41014 sevilla spain

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Intimacy, coexistence and familiarity. These have been the three pillars on which the rules that have governed the Real Club Pineda de Sevilla, throughout its more than seventy-five years of history, have revolved.

On October 10, 1940, date of the celebration of the First Meeting of the Society, the founding Act was drawn up and the Club was established as a private non-profit association.

The simple idea , emanated by Mr. Rafael Esquivias Salcedo, made the wish of a group of Army officers come true, promoting the creation of an Equestrian Club in the capital of Seville. Along with him, the idiosyncrasy of the Real Club Pineda de Sevilla is inherent in names such as those of Mr. José Barón Mora-Figueroa, Mr. Juan Ponce de León y Freyre, Mr. Antonio Fernández de Heredia y Zayas and Mr. Luis Javier Andrada -Vanderwilde. However, there are many more names, men and women, who for their human qualities, loyalty and commendable work have left their mark on the history of the Club since the 1940s.

La Hípica , from the modest beginnings of the Society, has been the founding base of the Club and, with the passing of the years, it has been acquiring projection not only in the Sevillian capital and the rest of the Andalusian territory, but also in the national sphere.

Along with equine sports, Golf, Tennis, Paddle tennis, Football, Swimming and other disciplines, the Real Club Pineda de Sevilla has promoted - since its inception - the promotion of all sports whose purpose is to promote the activity physics and the development of a wide range of cultural activities that, as a complement, help to contribute to the formation and progress of the members.

Throughout its more than seventy-five years , the prestige of the Club has increased, year after year, until it has become an exclusive and select entity, establishing itself today as one of the best sports clubs in Spain that It also has partners of recognized value who have formed and are an active part of the political, sports and social life of Seville and the national territory.

Illustrious personalities, such as their H.M. the Kings of Spain Don Juan Carlos I and Doña Sofía, HRH the Infanta Doña Elena de Borbón -who has participated in several equestrian competitions-, HRH the Count of Barcelona Don Juan de Borbón, HRH Doña María de las Mercedes -Count of Barcelona-, and other important personalities from the political and social sphere of the country have honored and participated with their presence in the social life of the Club on numerous occasions.

The Club is governed by the General Assembly of Members, the highest management body, and by the Board of Directors. At the head is the President -main administrator- who currently falls under the figure of Don Rodrigo Molina Montes.




Real Club Pineda de Sevilla
Av. de Jerez, s/n, 41014 Sevilla


+34 954 61 14 00



Founded: 1940

Public: Yes



Holes: 18
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