Golfclub Starnberg de

uneringer str. hadorf, 82319 starnberg germany

Golfclub Starnbergde

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Holes: 18
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Golfclub Starnberg
Uneringer Str. Hadorf, 82319 Starnberg


+49 8151 12157


Public: Yes

The coat of arms of the Golf-Club Starnberg e.V. shows a proud ship, the BUCENTAUR, with the Starnberg Castle in the background. At the founding of the Club, on 02. May 1986, the founders wanted to find a coat of arms that shows the historical significance of Starnberg and Lake Starnberg. They got inspired by the following historic “events” from the 17th century:
During the baroque period, Kurfürst Ferdinand Maria organized expensive and extravagant celebrations at the lake. In order to delight his wife Adelaide von Savoyen, who was a niece of the venetian Doge, he recreated the golden galley, the Buzintoro of the Doge and named it "Bucentaur"’. The Bucentaur was a majestic ship, that was rowed by one hundred rowers and could accomodate the complete bavarian nobility. 100 smaller boats and around 1000 people were needed to host these gigantic celebrations. The whole shore was illuminated when they rowed from castle to castle. During these celebrations they also used to go on big lake hunts.



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