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fädriften, 239 40 falsterbo sweden

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Flommens Golfklubb - a club with tradition…

In 2015, Flommens Golfklubb celebrated 80 years, only 18 clubs in the country are older. It was on January 18, 1935 that 18 young men met in Falsterbo schoolhouse to realize a common dream: to form their own golf club and play their own course. They already knew the game. Since childhood, they had gone caddy on the Falsterbo track and learned all about the turn, the rules and the etiquette. But unlike the well-to-do members of Falsterbo Golf Club, they came from simple backgrounds. They were farmers, fishermen and craftsmen in small Falsterbo with its 400 inhabitants. Their first golf clubs were at best used hickory clubs that they inherited from their previous "employers". But alas, what good players they became!

For more than eight decades, golf has been played on Falsterbo''s outfields along the Flommen. On this narrow strip of sandy beach meadows, between the dunes towards the Sound and the embankment for the Malmö-Falsterbo train, many of the golf-bitten young people stayed until long before any club was formed. Eventually, they were also given permission to "play golf in the area between the garbage bridges" in an organized form.

From the first 9 holes in 1935, the course has been expanded in stages. In 1966, 18 holes were completed according to drawings by Stig Kristersson (in the car on the right) and Stig Bergendorff, both members of the club. Since then, the course has been constantly refined into today''s fine creation and experience.

Source: https://www.flommensgk.se/



Flommens Golf Club
Fädriften, 239 40 Falsterbo


+46 40 47 50 16






Founded: 1935

Public: Yes



Holes: 18
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