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35 bd d'arcachon, 33260 la teste-de-buch france

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A private golf course, opened in 1895: that of the Exshaw family, of Irish origin, established in Bordeaux and Arcachon in the middle of the 19th century. It was founded jointly by William Exshaw and the intrepid Reverend Samuel Radcliff, first chaplain of the Anglican Church of Arcachon, who had lived in the town since 1866 and was the standard bearer for the very large English colony residing there. He is among the most assiduous golfers.

In 1902, Mayor Jean-Baptiste James Veyrier-Montagnères laid the foundations of the Golf and Country-Club Company, which was definitively incorporated in 1903. On February 14, 1902, the city acquired the Golf and Country-Club grounds from William Exshaw, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Matéo-Petit, father-in-law of Mr. Veyrier-Montagnères, who donated the amount of the purchase to the town.

These vast grounds at the gates of Arcachon – currently Arcachon-Marine and Jean Brousse and Matéo-Petit stadiums in the L''Aiguillon district – welcomed the first golfers on November 1, 1903 on 9 holes.

In 1925, the Golf Club wanted to create 9 additional holes, but the slow disaffection of the course led to the definitive closure of the site in 1937-38.

In 1951, the Municipality of Arcachon with the mayor Lucien de Gracia takes up the idea of ​​Golf and asks several personalities to set up a Golf Committee. On August 30, 1951, the Municipal Council gave a favorable opinion on this project.

From 1952 to 1955 numerous talks between the Committee and the city with a view to acquiring the land (loan of 28 million francs guaranteed by the city) lead to the realization of the last agreements necessary for the constitution of the Golf d''Arcachon.

This desire for Arcachon to have an 18-hole golf course led to its creation on the grounds of the Société Immobilière de la Côte d''Argent (SICA), in the town of La Teste. The course was designed by Cecil Blandford – renowned architect of many golf courses in Europe, across the Atlantic and other golfing highlights, such as Marrakech – and carried out under the direction of Pierre Hirigoyen, eminent golf teacher in Biarritz. On April 11, 1955, the first stone of the Golf International d''Arcachon clubhouse was laid. It was not opened to the public until 1960.




Golf d'Arcachon
35 Bd d'Arcachon, 33260 La Teste-de-Buch


+33 5 56 54 44 00




Public: Yes



Holes: 18
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