Virpiniemi Golf Club Ry fi

virpiniementie 501, 90810 oulu finland

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The magnificent Virpiniemi 18-hole golf course built on the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia is divided into two parts: Harju and Meri.

The first nine fairways of Harju are located in a canvas terrain, spiced with challenging ponds and obstacles. On the sea side from the first fairway you have a wonderful view of the Gulf of Bothnia.

The layout design of Virpiniemi field has been made by Jan Sederholm, one of the leading field architects in the Nordic countries. He has designed many Finnish top courses, such as Pickala Golf (Siuntio), Kullo Golf (Porvoo), Nevas Golf (Sipoo), Tahko Golf (Nilsiä) and Story Golf (Siilinjärvi). Matti Heikkinen and UKI Arkkitehdit Oy from Oulu are responsible for the final design of the field. The design has taken into account the unique and varied terrain possibilities offered by the Virpiniemi area, whereby the proximity of the sea and the gray-field landscape will pose challenges for the player throughout the round. The Gulf of Bothnia''s marine sand is an ideal base for a golf course. The frosted floor ensures early grass growth and water is quickly absorbed through the surface even on the worst rainy days. As with other “dune fields”, a sandy bottom combined with careful construction allows for early-opening, high-quality greenery. In Virpiniemi, the most amazing game in the world can be started in most years already during the rut.




Virpiniemi Golf Club Ry
Virpiniementie 501, 90810 Oulu


+358 300 870515




Architect: Jan Sederholm

Public: Yes



Holes: 18
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