Kasumigaseki Country Club jp

3398 kasahata, ''' saitama 350-1175 japan

Kasumigaseki Country Clubjp

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Holes: 36
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Kasumigaseki Country Club
3398 Kasahata, 川越市 Saitama 350-1175


+81 49-231-2181


Public: Yes

The Kasumigaseki Country Club was established for people drawn to golf to share the best of times together.

Over time, the KCC has provided a beautiful golfing environment and attracted like-minded people, creating valuable friendships.

Membership in the KCC is deeply rooted in upholding tradition, good fellowship, and the rules of the club by all who share these friendships.

We at the KCC are always moving forward while continuing to revisit the ideals of golf and of the country club.

Surrounded by the rich, green forest of the Musashino hills, the 36-hole course was designed by prominent architects recognized as creators of some of the world’s best courses. Carefully placed lakes, bunkers, and trees, and the softly rolling fairways add to your enjoyment of the game. Take in the irreplaceable experience of playing amid seasonal plants such as dogwood, hydrangea, and horse-chestnut together with the calls of local birdlife.


Source: https://www.kasumigasekicc.or.jp/english/

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