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kirkantie 32, 01750 vantaa finland

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Keimola Golf Club Oy is a non-profit limited company. The company has been set up to allow shareholders to play golf on their own golf course in the best possible conditions.

The golf course and buildings of the course company are located in their own country and the company is financially sound. The company holds two annual general meetings, one in the fall and one in the spring. At the autumn meeting, e.g. next year’s action plan and decide on the budget. In the spring, for example, e.g. financial statements and elect a board of directors. The Board elects a chairman from among its members. The company has a co-operation agreement with Keimola Golf ry regarding golf club activities.

Saras - The field consists of an old C-field (lanes 1-4 and 14-18) and a newer part of nine lanes (lanes 5-13), which was completed in 2003. The field was designed by Pekka Wesamaa (old C) and Kosti Kuronen (newer part).

Saras is considered by many to be more challenging than Kirkka Field, in part because of her length. The terrain varies in shape and there are many differences in altitude. There are quite a few water barriers compared to the Clear, but more bunkers. Saras'' waterways are mainly bordered by forest, represented by several different tree species.

Saras is Keimola''s so-called a competition field where, as a general rule, all competitions and corporate events are held. However, the field is also great for beginners. As a whole, Saras is a spectacular and scenic field that measures the player''s technical and tactical skills and rewards successful performance.




Keimola Golf Club
Kirkantie 32, 01750 Vantaa


+358 9 2766650




Architect: Pekka Wesamaa and Kosti Kuronen

Public: Yes



Holes: 18 Search FlightsImage
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