Naples National Golf Club Inc us

9325 collier blvd, naples, fl 34114 united states

Naples National Golf Club Incus

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Holes: 18
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Naples National Golf Club Inc
9325 Collier Blvd, Naples, FL 34114
United States


+1 239-775-3468


Architect: Michael Hurdzan and Dana Fry
Founded: 1993
Public: Yes

It is nearly impossible to look at a picture of Naples National without seeing stacked coral rock, rock excavated from the site about four feet down. Almost all Florida golf courses bury the rock or treat it as fill. To make Naples National different, we left the rock exposed and used it in various ways. Coral rock lines the ponds, stone walls bisect and frame the holes like old farm fences do in New England and Europe, rock walls support the tee decks, and coral cairns and bronze plaques give information about each hole. Naples National was perhaps the first to use this architectural device of stone in South Florida, giving it a visual distinction that other clubs lack. The rock also adds a different textural and color quality than the green turf, brown pine straw and native sand scrub areas.

One environmental goal we had at Naples National was to limit the maintained and irrigated turf areas to the smallest acreage possible and still have a playable, fun golf course. There are about 50 acres of turf on the entire course, with the rest being sand scrub, yet the golf course plays fast and about the only lost balls are ones that go in the water. This golf course conserves water, fertilizer, pesticides and fossil fuels while still delivering immaculate playing conditions.



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