Peter Harradine

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Peter is the Principal and Senior Architect of “Harradine Golf” with overall responsibility for the design and construction supervision of all “Harradine Golf” projects.

Albert Hockey, Peter’s step-grandfather, started the family’s golfing practice by remodelling his first course in 1920. Peter’s father designed his first course in 1929 and pursued an illustrious career until his retirement in the mid 80’s.

Born in 1945 next to the old golf course in Gurten (Berne, Switzerland), Peter continues the family's golfing tradition.

Peter’s contact with golf course construction started as a very young boy. His father drafted him to work on his projects during the school holidays which provided an obligatory, early and somewhat discontented experience with mud, rain, heat, freezing temperatures, rubber boots, rocks, clay, drainage, target dates, broken down machinery and all the other niceties of construction sites.

Playing golf was compulsory in the family and he received his first set of clubs at the age of six. A little practice and many rounds could not improve a handicap of 5. Frequent travel caused by his own insistence for personal supervision of the scattered sites, coupled with recurring and severe back problems followed by an operation has relegated him to a spectator who encourages his sons and his design team to play this fantastic, but oh so frustrating game!

In 1965-1966 Peter went to the U.S.A to study the theoretical and practical aspects of landscaping and golf course design and construction. Upon returning to Europe, he built and designed many courses with his father and other prominent European Architects of the time.

A visit to the United Arab Emirates in 1976 to investigate the possibilities of a golf course led to the subsequent establishment of the Dubai office in 1989.

Peter has personally designed and co-designed over 160 golf courses in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Peter is a former President of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects and the European Society of Golf Course Architects.


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