Real Golf de Pedreña es

carretera general, s/n, 39719 pedreña, cantabria spain

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The tour was designed by Mr. Harry S. Colt of Messrs. Colt, Alison & Morrison Ltd., and built by the house of Frenks Harrys Bros, Ltd. The topographical nature of the terrain thus allowed the English experts to develop a masterpiece in golf courses, the Pedreña being able to be classified as one of the best of Europe, being one of the most modern down to the last detail.

The original course consisted of 18 holes, with a total distance of 5,900 yards (5,272 meters) with a par 67 and the “Standard Scratch Score” of 71. The following three opinions define the characteristics of the course:

The first of the Duke of Alba at his inauguration "The course is one of the best in the world and represents a considerable advance for Santander on the path undertaken to be a great center of attraction for international tourism."

The second, that of Her Majesty the Queen in her speech at the inauguration stating that «This field has not been made to satisfy a wish of mine, but to provide Santander with a necessary complement for its summer vacation, for whose prosperity we are all obliged to work ».

The latter opinion was expressed by the well-known course designer Mr. Simpson who wrote in 1946: “The course was planned 20 years ago by Mr. Colt, who had the most skillful intelligence applied to the science of the structure of golf. Noting that today, after 18 years, the field is modern and perhaps the best we have seen among those of a similar type and from a design and construction point of view, is its highest praise. The Pedreña golf is, in my best opinion, the best golf projected by Harry Colt on the continent. Generally speaking - adds Mr. Simpon - we have nothing but praise for the layout of this field whose location is, of course, beautiful considering its aesthetic value. The holes in high ground are as good as any of the other courses we have seen, not excepting Pine Valley in the USA.




Real Golf de Pedreña
Carretera General, s/n, 39719 Pedreña, Cantabria


+34 942 50 00 01




Architect: Harry S. Colt

Public: Yes



Holes: 18 Search FlightsImage
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