Dinard Golf fr

53 boulevard de la houle, 35800 saint-briac-sur-mer france

Dinard Golffr

- Golf course review written Tuesday, August 27, 2019
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Holes: 18
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Dinard Golf
53 Boulevard de la Houle, 35800 Saint-Briac-sur-Mer


+33 2 99 88 32 07


Architect: Tom Dunn
Founded: 1887
Public: Yes

Designed by Tom Dunn in 1887, this golf course is the second oldest in France after Pau (1856). It is located on the Emerald Coast, at the edge of the sea that can be seen from the 18 holes. These all bear a name (The Dog''s Paw, The Beresina ...). This course is neither long nor tiring. So it may seem easy, but the final score is reminiscent of reality. Because if it is not difficult, it is delicate: sandy soil, wavy fairways, small greens, raised and very fast, many bunkers, very few trees, but a lot of broom and gorse.Dinard, it is also the wind! Like on a bicycle, it is almost always in front or in profile and it is much harder. It also happens to be very strong and then you have to keep the ball low and have several in his bag. But the wind has other advantages. He tempers the extremes,

This place of legends is a classified site where have been identified many varieties of remarkable animals and plants. A biotope decree protects them and makes them a natural reserve.

For the rest. the course is full of history. It welcomes lovers of the place, including many champions. We play federal competitions as ranking cups.


Source: http://dinardgolf.com/

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