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peuramaantie 152, 02480 kirkkonummi finland

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Peuramaa Golf has a 30-year history. The club is one of the largest in Finland with almost two and a half thousand members. There are 36 holes and a par 3 course, which has grown a significant number of golf enthusiasts to Finland.

Peuramaa Golf is known for its warm welcome. The immediate atmosphere is a legacy from the early years of the field - so many have come to stay.

The golf course is located on the former seabed in Porkkala, an area full of history. Porkkala''s improvement - the territory ceded to the Soviet Union in 1944–1956 was a heavy concession from Finland as a condition of peace, and traces of foreign power are still visible in the region. The Baltic Sea is at its narrowest at Porkkala and that is why the area has always been militarily significant. The high peak of the deer and the proximity of the sea often cause rainy weather to travel further afield. The location of the course in relation to the sea also affects the temperatures, especially in the autumn when the sea keeps the coast a little warmer than inland and thus prolongs the golf season a bit.

Both fields, Old Deer and Porkkala, pass the picnic kiosk Piccadilly twice. Water points can be found in the range, in the clubhouse parking lot, downstairs in the clubhouse and outside the lower door, Porkkala 3 / Vanha Peura 16, Taukokioski Piccadilly and Porkkala 10. Toilets can be found in the range, clubhouse, Porkkala 3, Piccadilly and Porkkala 12. Between the puttigreen and the parking lot there is a washing place for game equipment.




Peuramaa Golf Club
Peuramaantie 152, 02480 Kirkkonummi


+358 200 22122



Public: Yes



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