Ono Golf Club jp

1225 kishicho, ono, hyogo 675-1343 japan

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The Ono Golf Club was laid down on March 15, 1955, and opened on November 3, 1936.

At that time, this area was a pristine forest area, but Kamoike was filled with pure water, and thousands of ducks flew in from late autumn to spring to entertain people. With the momentum of regional development, the story of wanting to build a golf course in this scenic spot was raised among local volunteers, and the late Inui , who was the director of the Hirono Golf Club at the request of the prefecture , from the city to the prefecture. Mr. Toyohiko (the first deputy director of this club) was asked to develop a golf course.

The course was designed by Mr. Osamu Ueda, a leading expert in course design at the time , based on the request of President Inui, "I want to make full use of the natural terrain and keep the bulldozer''s hands as low as possible." .. In this way, Ono''s course, which has a rich personality in the tranquility of nature, was born as Hirono''s sister course.

Striving to "build a better course", we held most of the official competitions sponsored by JGA and KGU , including the Japan Open and Kansai Open, and have been highly evaluated as a "famous course" nationwide. I did. Due to the trend of the times, Green worked on a major remodeling in the fall of 1994, and after a year of construction, it transformed into bentgrass. In addition, taking this opportunity to review the entire course, seeking higher strategicity and beautiful scenery, we have an out course around Kamoike, an inn that goes into the mountains and returns to the waterside, a course with a strict layout and a rich natural environment. We hope you will enjoy it for a minute.

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Ono Golf Club
1225 Kishicho, Ono, Hyogo 675-1343


+81 794-63-1212




Architect: Osamu Ueda
Founded: 1936

Public: Yes



Holes: 18 │ Length: 6935 yards
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