Ibaraki Golf Club jp

102 ojima shinden, tsukubamirai, ibaraki 300-2352 japan

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In order to enjoy golf, not only the quality of the course but also the quality of the clubhouse is important.

The harmony between the course and the building, the spaciousness and interior for a relaxing time, and the functionality for providing more comfortable service. No matter what, you can''t expect a comfortable clubhouse.
At Ibaraki Golf Club, we make full use of the abundant nature and large site to meet these factors, and as you know, it is a rare one-story building today.

A large roof with a bitter black natural slate that draws a gentle line. The approach to the clubhouse that follows to be guided by it. We hope that people who see it will be easy to use and enjoy a calm time. As for the interior, the large wall of the entrance made of rough stone, the interior that makes the best use of the gentle warmth of the wood grain, etc. Natural materials are used abundantly so that they can be in harmony with the surrounding nature and be familiar to them forever. All for a relaxing time. This philosophy is familiar to many people as a clubhouse that breathes into the details of the clubhouse and gives a profound feeling.

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Ibaraki Golf Club
102 Ojima Shinden, Tsukubamirai, Ibaraki 300-2352


+81 297-58-1216




Public: Yes



Holes: 18
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